Sony Playstation 4 Launching

PS 4 Concept

    Sony says they have plans to launch its next-generation PlayStation video game console in front of Microsoft’s next Xbox.  Microsoft’s next Xbox console, which could be an ARM-based unit supposedly called “Xbox lite”, has been rumored to hit by Christmas of 2013.  According to reports, however, Sony plans to launch its PlayStation 4 console before […]

Xbox ‘lite’ coming in 2013

Xbox ‘lite’ coming in 2013

    Microsoft had plans to announce their next-generation Xbox console at the E3 conference this year, but  it now looks that it ain’t happenin’.  Now, Microsoft is saying, “we can confirm that there will be no talk of new Xbox hardware at E3 or anytime soon.”  It’s rumored, though, that Microsoft is currently working on not […]

Angry Birds Space HERE! (video)

Angry Birds Space HERE

    Rovio just released Angry Birds Space for iOS and Android devices, as well as OS X and Windows PCs. In the fourth major Birds release, gamers get to fling birds on zero-gravity planets while utilizing new gameplay features such as slow-motion and lightspeed destruction. “This is Rovio at its finest, and we are […]

The Two Biggest Upcoming Tech Trend

Digital Trends

Tech companies always want to start the latest trend. They want to discover uncharted territories. They want to dictate the market. They want consumers to gleefully hand over their credit cards and buy the latest “it” product. Everyone who comes after the trendsetter is just a mere copycat, a fake, some wannabe phony trying to […]

Disk Drive Won’t Be Present in the Upcoming Xbox 720

Xbox 720 won't have disk drive

  Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox 720 may use online downloads and a Solid State card port in place of a disc drive.  The Xbox 360 already supports digital content distribution models and it is expected that Microsoft will continue to increase its focus on non-physical media.  This means easier access to games for the consumer, but […]

Xbox 720 most likely to be 3D

Xbox 720 most likely to be 3D

        Microsoft is in the works to hopefully be bringing 3D features to future generations of Xbox.  Its future predecessor, perhaps named “Xbox 720″, is rumored to be significantly more powerful; will support more impressive graphics and it may focus as much on other forms of home entertainment as it does on gaming. Microsoft has […]

Turtle Beach announces their XP400 wireless gaming headset

Turtle Beach XP400

      Turtle Beach announced some of the new XBOX 360 and PS3 gaming headsets at CES this week, one of them, the XP400.  It’s Turtle Beach’s flagship gaming headset, featuring adjustable Dolby 5.1 virtual surround sound, a non-AD2P dual-pairing Bluetooth radio for picking up phone calls during gaming sessions, a 15 hour rechargeable […]

SUBSONIC Gaming Accessory- Racin’ Pro

SUBSONIC Gaming Accessory Racin’ Pro 2

  Europe’s SUBSONIC has a cool new gaming accessory out called . The Racin’Pro is compatible with PS3™ and PC games and platforms, and features a padded, upholstered seat, steering wheel and pedals adjustable for height, depth and inclination.  Other product highlights include DualShock®3  compatibility with two vibration feedback motors for realistic circuit shocks and bends, […]

It’s like Kinect for the iPad- “Fuego’s River Adventure”

Fuego's River Adventure

  Would it surprise you that iPad game developers are starting to emulate Microsoft’s Kinect module with new games that use body motion as the controls.  Introducing the world’s first iOS game played using your body’s own motion, without any added hardware.  It’s called “Fuego’s River Adventure” and it’s the story of Fuego, who crashes in […]

Sneak Peek of Microsoft Kinect 2 Reveals Ability to Read Emotions and Lips (video)

Microsoft Kinect 2

  If you own an Kinect module for your Xbox 360, you’ve probably found it useful to control a movie or play a game using voice and gestures.  I still marvel at this technology, and have considered the Kinect device a gadget that will springboard many new technologies like it in 2012 and beyond. There […]