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Reverie are luxury beds

Reverie Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are the new gold standard for those serious about sleep, and there are a handful of manufacturers out there that stand above the rest. Reverie, a U.S. manufacturer, is one of them. In fact, the company not only sells their own brand, but they private label Tempurpedic’s adjustable bed bases, so while Reverie might not be a household name yet, chances are you might have already slept on one.

Amped Wireless Tap-Ex works over 100 feet

Tap-Ex Wireless Extender by Amped Wireless

Setting up a wireless network is somewhat simple these days, but when you start adding additional Wi-Fi modules, things can get a little messy. Amped Wireless’s latest Tap-Ex Wireless Extender, with touch screen and juiced-up power ($119.99), provides a user friendly, touch-based interface that lets you extend your existing home wireless network with just a few taps on its screen.

Piper nv now with night vision

Piper nv- Now with Night Vision

Back in July of 2014, the company Icontrol introduced their debut product, Piper, a security-camera/Z-Wave-hub combo with an open architecture to grow. Now, the addition of night vision, Piper nv, a $70 premium over the original device, is available and represents a great step forward for the hardware.

Samsung U9000 Curved TV has exceptional picture

Samsung HU9000 Curved TV Review

The Samsung HU9000 has tons of elements that make for a state-of-the-art TV system….a killer design, stunning 4K imagery, beautiful color production, and a curved design that brings everything to realistic life. At first glance, it’s a “beut”, with futuristic styling, and it also brings a whole host of new and improved games and a touchpad/cursor-equipped Samsung Smart Control that offers a PC-like web browsing experience.

Marshall Major II Headphones sound great

Marshall Major II Headphones

While Marshall has always been the go-to brand for professional musicians needing a good amp, the company also entered the headphone business a couple years back, and their latest Major II offers a great addition to the on-ear line, particularly since they’re offering a few new product shades to the mix including black, white and brown. In fact, starting from March 25th, the various colors of the Major II headphones will hit over 90 countries.

Färbe Technik metal earbuds are sturdy

Färbe Technik earbuds Review

The Färbe Technik metal earbuds are well constructed boasting a high-end look and feel with a chrome-like finish. The structure is solid and the ear pieces are slim cylinder-like shape, which fit well in the ear. The 3 interchangeable silicon ear tips will adjust to nearly any ear, big or small.

Internet of Things (IoT) will Force a New Online Service Model

Internet of Things (IoT) will Force a New Online Service Model

While egalitarian notions like equality and neutrality underpin the Internet, the reality today in the online services realm is that users need to make choices about which platform they want to join. Whether the decision favours Apple (iOS), Google (Android) or Microsoft (Windows), the more the user adopts their chosen platform, the harder it is to leave.

Milk Nanny makes milk remotely

Milk Nanny Auto-Milk Maker

Wicoz Inc. has launched a Kickstarter project to produce Milk Nanny, the world’s first fully-automatic appliance to make fresh, warm baby formula milk in 15 seconds. Milk Nanny can also be remotely controlled with a Smartphone. Parents simply connect to Milk Nanny with their mobile device via Wi-Fi, and they’re ready to start making warm formula.

Sugr Cube speaker has no buttons

Sugr Cube Intuitive Speaker

Sugr Cube is the world’s first intuitive Wi-Fi speaker, that directly streams online music, but more notably, it uses intuitive control with touch and motion to play, pause and share music by tapping the top of the device. To skip a song, tilt the cube right or left. It literally has no buttons.

Audioengine B2 puts out 60-watts of power

Audioengine B2

The Audioengine B2 ($299) is a Bluetooth speaker with some major power, and it happens to sound as good as it looks. It plays very loudly, and yet, it’s simple but elegant design has some additional touches that make it hard to beat among its competitors.

Bowers & Wilkins T7 has latest bluetooth technology

Bowers & Wilkins T7

Bowers & Wilkins has entered the realm of the ever popular portable Bluetooth speaker category, and from the looks of their T7, they’ve hit a homer. The Bowers & Wilkins T7 is a stunning design piece that will add sophistication to any home or workplace, and at $349.99, it might cause a little case of sticker shock, but it will also deliver the richest base and the crispiest trebles you’ve ever heard, particularly in a portable.

Eero is a multi-router system

Eero Multi-Spot Wi-Fi

Eero utilizes the abilities of your smartphone to setup a new network, monitor your network, and grant others quick and easy access to your network. In fact, all you have to do to invite someone to use your network is send them an invite via a text message. Eero will detect its own problems and fix them on its own, eliminating the necessity to restart your router or modem every few days.

Deviallet Phantom Speaker uses pressure waves

Devialet Phantom Speaker

Within the Devialet Phantom Speaker is an 800MHz dual-core ARM Cortex processor and 512 MB of DDR3 memory to help the speaker stream sound

Bluewire is a smart call recorder

Bluewire Smart Recorder

The Bluewire is comprised of the headset and the app. The associated app can be used with virtually any Bluetooth headset on the market, and the Bluewire headset can charge wirelessly through the Qi wireless pad.