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Alpine Headphones deep bass

Alpine Headphones Review

While you might think of the company Alpine as being synonymous for killer car audio systems, they’ve made a leap into the headphone market, and what a leap it has been. The Alpine Headphones combine extraordinary design with functionality with the best-of-the-best audio quality, to produce what many are saying as some of the best headphones to enter the market in a while.

Game Golf tracks your swings

Game Golf Review

Like it or not, the game of golf is all about statistics…scrambling percentages, puts per round, greens in regulation play and fairway hits. It’s enough to boggle even the career mathematician. But if you have the latest Game Golf device, the numbers become much easier to manage, and access to those numbers can improve your game dramatically.

Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight acts like a smoke detector

Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight

The Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight is a connected nightlight with soothing and customizable colors to light your way at night. And when you’re not at your abode, it uses sensors to listen for potential smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, ready to send you a notification if one happens to activate.

Verizon DROID Turbo by Motorola

DROID Turbo by Motorola (Verizon)

The design and internals of the Verizon DROID Turbo are much like the Nexus 6, and it feels awesome in the hands. The very vivid display is AMOLED, the buttons are on the right side of the phone, (standard volume rocker and a power button), and you’ve got off-screen buttons as well, which is nice.

Eggtronic HUB IT charges and syncs

HUB IT All-in-One Sync and Charge Station

Eggtronic just launched HUB IT, the world’s fastest and first ever customizable sync and charge docking station. With a hip design and advanced USB 3.0 technology, HUB IT brings a pretty nifty power and charging source to seven different portable devices at the same time, all with a 2.5A powerful output per port and at speeds of up to 5Gbps.

Runtastic Orbit tracks sleep

Runtastic Orbit Review

The Runtastic Orbit is both completely waterproof and it’s configured so you can wear it both on the wrist and via a clip. The large OLED screen displays the time, and your data for the day. It also has a single button that lets you cycle through the your data — including the time, number of steps you’ve taken, calories burned, and active minutes — and it has a silent wake alarm, meaning you can set it to vibrate at a certain time to wake you without waking your spouse, as well as an idle alarm that vibrates when it’s time to get moving.

Skybell 2.0 is cloud based

Skybell Version 2

Skybell contains a wireless video camera and a two-way radio that easily connects to your home’s Wi-Fi, so that when someone pushes the button to ring the doorbell, its cloud-based server will send your phone a push notification to initiate a session with one-way video. It works with Android 2.X or later and iOS 6.1 or later.

Somabar robotic cocktail mixer

Somabar App-Based Cocktail Machine

Somabar is pretty simple. Fill the Soma pods with the various cocktail ingredients you’d like to serve, both alcohol and mixers. Download the Somabar app, send the drink request to the Somabar, and it precisely draws the ingredients, mixes them, and serves them. The app will even suggest cocktails based on the ingredients you have around the house.

Kammok Roo portable hammock

Kammok Roo Portable Hammock

The ready-to-go Kammok Roo hammock is made from Kammok’s diamond ripstop fabric, which folds up small enough to fit into a handy little compression sack. Since it’s designed to be taken on hikes and strung between handy trees, it also has Kanga Claw carabiners and Dyneema Racer Slings, which allow you to wrap bands around your trees and hook up your hammock easily. The hammock has several gear loops that allow you to experiment with a variety of different positions.

XOO Belt is charging bank and belt in one

XOO Belt Wearable Juice Pack

The XOO Belt is a standard belt that adds a juice pack as the buckle, eliminating excess devices to carry. You actually wear this power bank with no one being the wiser. It looks and feels like any normal belt, and is very durable. It’s classic strap is made from full-grain tanned leather and comes in 2 colors, black and brown. More colors will be available after its launch.

Everykey replaces any key with serious security

Everykey Unlocks Anything

The Everykey is a Bluetooth device that communicates with a variety of compatible objects, notably other smart devices like smart door locks or smart light bulbs. It also works with smartphones, computers, smart car doors, and even online accounts. Once within range, the band sends out the required passcode to unlock or turn on a registered device within 3 meters.

VSN Mobil V.360 panoramic camera

VSN Mobil V.360 Panoramic Cam

The V.360 works much like a GoPro, having the ability to mount on a bike, go-cart, surfboard, helmet, etc. Interestingly enough, VSN offers an adapter, which fits GoPro mounts. It can also act as a Wi-Fi access point or use Bluetooth so you can immediately upload footage via the accompanying app and share it.

mobile gaming app

Creating a Popular Mobile Gaming App

Many people think of Apps as being primarily functional. To them, they are not that much different to a mobile version of a website and are used for activities such as shopping, or banking and other business uses. Increasingly, however, Apps are also being used as game platforms


Photofy 3.0 Just Released

Photofy, the social content creation app for iOS and Android that empowers user creativity by adding their own unique, personal touch to photos, just launched version 3.0, adding a number of awesome new features.

Panasonic HGS10-W bone conduction headphones

Panasonic HGS10-W Bone Conduction Headphones

Panasonic’s latest HCS10-W Open Ear Bone Conduction Headphones keeps the scale level by creating a balance between immersive sound and the ability to still hear what’s going on around you.