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mobile gaming app

Creating a Popular Mobile Gaming App

Many people think of Apps as being primarily functional. To them, they are not that much different to a mobile version of a website and are used for activities such as shopping, or banking and other business uses. Increasingly, however, Apps are also being used as game platforms


Photofy 3.0 Just Released

Photofy, the social content creation app for iOS and Android that empowers user creativity by adding their own unique, personal touch to photos, just launched version 3.0, adding a number of awesome new features.

Dremel Idea Builder

Dremel Idea Builder – 3D Printer

Dremel wants to bring 3D printing to the home. The company’s latest Idea Builder is a 3D printer for just under a $1000. Announced back in September, the Idea Builder is a single-extruder printer with about a square foot of space inside.

Blossom Sprinkler System

Blossom Eco-Friendly Sprinkler Device

Blossom makes your sprinklers smarter, and can lower your water bill up to 30%. People tend to over-water their lawn, which can drain your wallet and your plants…literally! Blossom’s self-programming system automatically programs your yard’s watering schedule based on real-time weather forecasts.

Hearnotes Wire-free Earbud System

Hearnotes Wire-free Earbud System

Heartnotes earbuds are comprised of three different components. The wirefree earbuds hook over your ears, one for each side, with no connections between them: The Baton transmitter plugs into the device of your choice and transmits sound to the earbuds. Finally, the charging base is a portable hub you can carry around and recharge your earbuds when necessary.

Bunn Trifecta MB variety coffee maker

Bunn Trifecta MB Coffee Machine Review

Bunn continues to push into the home market, this year with their Bunn’s Trifecta MB, the home version of its more expensive Trifecta for commercial coffee houses. Designed for the kitchen counter, the Trifecta MB combines coffee technologies including french press, clover, pod and drip. And for $549, it better do a lot.

AMPY powerbank

AMPY Powerbank Motion Charges

Portable powerbanks are becoming a necessary accessory for any smartphone user, especially those heavy users. AMPY is changing things up with this product category by offering a device that charges using motion. The AMPY almost acts like a pedometer, but instead of counting steps, it generates energy to use for your portable devices.

Klatz smartwatch and handset

Klatz Combines a Smartwatch with Handset

While smartwatches may still be in their novelty stage, there are a few out there that lean a bit more on the practical and useful side. Take for example a new slant on the smartwatch, the Klatz, which attempts to make things a little less nerdy to take a call with something on your wrist. Why? Because The Klatz allows you to take it off your wrist and answer calls just like you would a traditional handset.

Cocoon Home Security System

Cocoon Home Security System

Cocoon is at its basis, a home security device. But it’s so much more. In fact, it’s a completely different approach to security. The cocoon home security system uses sub sound technology to sense activity throughout your home, which is similar to the technology used to detect shock waves throughout the planet.

Okidokeys Smart Lock

Okidokeys Smart Lock Review

An adjunct project from hotel smart lock maker OpenWays, Okidokeys is a comprehensive line of smart-lock products. Besides its Bluetooth-enabled Smart-Lock, Okidokeys also makes a home gateway to sync up control of multiple locks, an electronic gate/garage door opener, as well as a door-mountable reader you can use to swipe your way inside your home. It’s coolest product is the Smart Lock with Smart Keys kit, and $189.00 gets you the starter kit.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo- Voice-driven Encyclopedia

We all “Google”, right? In other words, we’re always going to the tech giant to search for something, anything. “How tall is Michael Jordan?….Who many eggs do you put in a shortcake recipe?” The Amazon Echo has just streamlined the process, an intuitive device designed around your voice that’s always on and can answer just about any question you can throw at it. You simply ask for information: play music, read the weather or news, ask a question. You can even set an alarm, take notes, or add to your grocery list just by telling “Alexa” to do so.

OnBeep Onyx Communicator bluetooth mic

Onyx Communicator by OnBeep

OnBeep’s latest Onyx is a clothing-worn communicator that allows users to chat with groups just by pressing a button.