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Blumoo Bluetooth Universal Remote works with 225,000 a/v components

Blumoo Bluetooth Universal Remote

The Blumoo does what other remote controls can’t, or don’t: Control all of your media equipment with your smartphone. Just pair your compatible smartphone via a Bluetooth connection to the Blumoo and you are ready to go.

Crystal Wash 2.0 monitors laundry

Crystal Wash 2.0

Would you like to do 1,000 Loads of Laundry, all without any detergent, chemicals, dyes or perfumes? Meet Crystal Wash 2.0, small cartridge balls that launder clothes amazingly efficiently, clinically demonstrated to be as effective as detergent and lasts up to 1000 washes. Additionally, they can be recharged by placing them in the sun.

Remington i-Light Pro Plus Quartz gives you 30,000 flashes per cartridge

Remington i-Light Pro Plus Quartz REVIEW

The latest Remington i-Light Pro Plus Quartz is an improved version of their popular IPL6000, so you’re getting the i-Light Pro + the Pro Plus in one machine called the Remington Quartz – IPL6000Q. The differentiators here are the Quartz bulb and updated technology, including a built-in skin color sensor, which the device uses to automatically check skin tone compatibility so your skin isn’t damaged.

Myo Muscle-Sensing Armband has accelerometer

Myo Muscle-Sensing Armband

Myo is a muscle-sensing gesture control armband that uses numerous sensors that translates your hand movements to gestures, controlling PCs, TVs and smartphones, all without having to actually touch any device or screen. The concept of the Myo Muscle-Sensing Armband was introduced back in 2013 by Thalmic Labs, and shortly, it will be available on Amazon.

GE Keurig Café Series Refrigerators have built in keurig brew system

GE Keurig Café Series Refrigerators

The one-use cups of coffee, which Keurig pioneered, have won millions of fans around the world with their ease of use and convenience at delivering coffee. Now, GE Appliances and Keurig are partnering up to making the brewing part of the Keurig experience tons easier, actually incorporating a Keurig brew system into the door of the latest GE Keurig Café Series Refrigerators, right next to the water and ice dispenser.

ZeroHour Relic XR Flashlight has an integrated USB 3400mAH lithium battery backup

ZeroHour Relic XR Flashlight

Tthe ZeroHour Relix XR Flashlight, which got funded from Kickstarter in a startling 16-hours. The ZeroHour Relic XR is a tactical flashlight with integrated USB 3400mAH lithium battery backup, which can also charge mobile devices, has 1,000 lumen LED, is IPX8 waterproof protection, has a removable stainless steel bezels and an anti-roll clip.

Blade 350 QX AP Combo RTF Drone is aimed at photographer

Blade 350 QX AP Combo RTF Drone

Blade, makers of consumer drones, is getting a bit more specific in terms of their demographic targets. There latest 350 QX AP Combo RTF is aimed primarily at photographers. The new model, which is based off of the original Blade 350 QX, will add a ton of new features, such as a new DX4 transmitter, an HD 1080p/30FPS camera (the CGO-1) that will allow for 720p video at 30 fps video downlink to mobile devices, and a new DX4 transmitter, and a 2-axis brushless gimbal with optional pitch control.

NEEO Smarthome Remote has a brain

NEEO Smarthome Remote

In this day and age, there’s a remote for everything. And with the advent of the smart home, you have even more. And let’s not forget the enormous amount of apps you have to manage. NEEO aims to change that by eliminating the clutter, and allow you to control all of your home’s smart devices from one convenient device.

XON Snow-1 Bindings by Cerevo analyzes snowboarding

XON Snow-1 Bindings by Cerevo

Snowboarding is no easy skill, and many who got into the sport when it began were skateboarders first. At the pro-level, these guys and gals that half-pipe and trick out for the purpose of mastering their craft, do so with extreme danger as this X-Game sporting discipline is not for the weak of heart. If your goal in life is be a master snowboarder, you might want to take a look at the new Cerevo XON Snow-1 Bindings and app. This new snowboarding apparatus will analyze your snowboarding at all levels and all angles.

Philips Fidelio Headphones with lightning adaptor

Philips Fidelio NC1L Headphones

The Philips Fidelio NC1L headphones are a pair of Apple-focused headphones that offer a direct digital connection, which means that these active noise-canceling headphones don’t need their own separate battery. They can draw power directly from the device. This also helps boost quality for amplification and other features that now do not need to depend on a separate power source.

Chilipad Cube is dual-zone

Chilipad Cube -Insomniac Killer

The Chilipad Cube, using Chili Technology, uses water to generate a wide range of in-bed temperature control in our cooling mattress pad. Similar to the semi-conductor technology that cools your computer, water passes by the chip and depending on the direction of electron flow, the water is cooled or heated.

Dyson Cinetic Science Vacuums uses cinetic technology

Dyson Cinetic Science Vacuums

Dyson’s new Cinetic Science vacuums, which include both an upright and a low-slung version, use rapidly vibrating flexible tips (350 times a second) to prevent dust from blocking the aperture, making sure that all the dust and dirt reach the bin without any kind of filter maintenance. Supposedly, the Cinetic Science line will operate at peak performance even after 10 years of duty.

Jaasta E-Ink Keyboard has e-ink keys that shift

Jaasta E-Ink Keyboard

The Jaasta e-ink keyboard is a low-profile wireless keyboard designed to work with a variety of computers and tablets, and get this, the common key signs and letters are actually e-ink, allowing them to shift.

Netatmo Welcome Camera has full HD

Netatmo Welcome Camera

Facial recognition is no science fiction anymore. It’s slowly being integrated into our world, specifically now in the areas of gaming and security, and it’s only going to get more prevalent and advanced, helping the world to identify with each other with much greater ease and convenience. One of the bigger hits in facial recognition coming out of CES is the Netatmo Welcome Camera, a facial recognition camera you can install in your house.