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Netbright Networked Wireless Lighting System ride on your network

NetBright Networked Lighting

NetBright Technologies just introduced a line of networked wireless lighting products, which use radio frequency connectivity to link multiple spotlights on one network for LED outdoor lighting, and offer a killer security solution for homes and commercial buildings.

Myo Armband is gesture control

Myo Armband Review

Waterloo-based startup Thalmic Labs is attempting to alter the way we interact with our everyday computing devices with their latest Myo armband, a gesture control device that fits around your forearm and detects slight muscle movements, such as arm rotations and even electrical impulses as you gesture, and computing and translating all that information into real-time input or digital action on the device with which you’ve paired it.

Qi is wireless

Welcome to the Age of Qi and Wireless Smartphone Charging

One of the most talked about topics at this year’s MWC was wireless smartphone charging, and its projected impact on smartphone design and sales. Now, wireless chargers have been around for a while, but the technology has only recently become reliable enough to go mainstream, and we are just beginning to see smartphone models with built in wireless charging capabilities.

Planar IX2850 is a 4K monitor

Planar IX2850 4K Monitor

The Planar IX2850 is a 28″ desktop monitor using the latest 4K resolution at 3840 x 2160. It brings a superior ultra HD experience, delivering unmatched picture quality and image clarity. It also has a ton of connectivity options including a built-in USB 3.0 Hub, 2HDMI video inputs and 2 DisplayPort inputs.

LiftPro Standing Desk has built-in charger and mouse pad

LiftPro Standing Desk with Built-in Charger

The new LiftPro Standing Desk takes the “standing” concept it and accessorizes it with some new modern goodies. Firstly, it’s adjustable, obviously, but better yet, it uses an electronic motor with simple button controls for adjustments. It includes four different presets as people find their favorite heights, and can hold up to 355 pounds. That’s a pretty cool feature in iteself.

Nextear Wireless Earphones are the smallest wireless earphones

Nextear Wireless Earphones

New on the scene is Nextear and their Wireless Earphones, which incidentally, the company garnered over 500% of it’s Indiegogo crowdfunding target in about 2 weeks. The reason? The Nextear Wireless Earphones contain a “smart” component that really sets them apart.

Lyve Home works with your pictures and videos

Lyve Home

Lyve Home is a very interesting spin on photo archiving, combining the picture frame with network-attached storage (NAS) to create what seems to be a brand new device category. It’s about the size of a tiny bookshelf speaker, and Lyve concentrates on videos and photos.

Bruno Smart Trashcan is smart

Bruno Smart Trashcan

The Bruno Smart Trashcan makes cleaning up the kitchen so much easier. Aside from a trash receptacle, Bruno also serves as a sweeper/dustbuster, sucking up debris and dirt you have on the floor from underneath the unit. You simply sweep the grime underneath it, and it sucks it up straight into the trash can. It’s a very cool feature.

GolfBoard glides


GolfBoard is a board that you ride when golfing, and stands to be a great way for younger players to jet around the course without renting expensive carts.

Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer is wireless

Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer

The latest Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile PRinter is much like it’s 80’s predecessor, just in printer-form. This little Zip printer is about the size of a modern smartphone, and uses a small stack of ZINK papers with dye crystals, so there’s no need for ink or dye.

Deeper Smart Fishfinder uses sonar

Deeper Smart Fishfinder Review

With the Deeper Smart Fishfinder, you simply use a standard rod and line to lower the Deeper Smart Fishfinder into the water, and the device automatically powers on when it makes contact with water, and the battery will last for six-hours underwater.

Arccos Golf Tracker screws on club ends

Arccos Golf Tracker Review

If you’re under some illusion that the game of golf is anything other than a statistical nightmare, you should pick a different sport. Golf has so many variables and needs so many tweaks to so many different swings. This makes this particular sport a perfect candidate for serious data analysis, and Arccos Golf ($399) believes they have the perfect product to do so.

OMSignal Biometric Shirt has built-in sensor

OMSignal Biometric Shirt- Nix the Band

The new generation of wearable tech for fitness is here, and it’s not a watch, bracelet, necklace or foot sensor. It’s a SHIRT! Who woulda thunk it. It’s called the OMSignal biometric shirt, and it’s comprised of a compression top with sensors spread throughout the garment, collecting tons of fitness data with super-sharp accuracy.

Hannspree Micro PC has intel i5

Hannspree Micro PC Stick

As PC prices continue to become extremely more affordable, we begin to see why that is possible. With varying power, speed, configuration (tower, AIO, tablet) and memory options, you can literally grab a low-end laptop these days for under $100. For those who want something considerably smaller, Hannspree has announced a Chromecast-esq PC stick, dubbed the world’s smallest PC, and called the Hannspree Micro PC Stick.

Philips Brilliance Dual Monitor has 2 19 inch monitors

Philips Brilliance Dual Monitor

Day traders use them. So do designers and computer programmers. It’s the dual monitor set-up, and if you’ve ever seen one on a desk, you know they look totally sharp. Those that need extra screen real estate usually buy a couple of monitors, and setup can be a little tricky. However, Philips has made it easy by putting two monitors on one monitor stand.