Garage Security Systems

Garage Security Systems

The Workbench Life: Garage By Lauren Caster for The Workbench Life Whether it’s attached to the rest of your home or detached in your backyard, garages and sheds carry treasure troves of tools, equipment, home storage and occasionally, a car. Undoubtedly, you’d like to keep these items safe, away from the hands of thieves looking [...]

HTC One M8 from Verizon Kicks Ass (video)

Verizon HTC One M8

  While last year’s HTC One was a consumer hit, and boosted some morale and revenue for the company’s struggling marketshare, HTC’s latest One M8 from Verizon is better, faster, stronger, and a clear “best-in-show” flagship product all around.  In fact, in our eyes and many others, this aluminum beauty is the best handset the [...]

Easy Steps for Setting Up a High-tech Home Office

Easy Steps for Setting Up a High-tech Home Office

The Workbench Life: Home By Jason Carpenter for The Workbench Life Thanks to the rapid evolution of communications and computer technology, anybody can run a highly efficient, professional operation from the comfort of their own home. Here’s an overview of everything you need to get started. Office Furniture Most start-up home office furniture can be [...]

Dunlop Biomimetic M4.0 Tennis Racquet

Dunlop Biomimetic M4.0

Dunlop’s latest Biomimetic 4.0 line is chuck-full of playable features, and it includes 3 different racquets: the F4.0 Tour, the M4.0 and the S4.0 Lite. We’ll be doing a review on each of these, and today we’re starting off with the lighter frame, the M4.0. Design and Frame The M4.0 is similar to the F4.0 Tour [...]

Bellabeat Prenatal Tracking System and App (video)

Bellabeat 5

“There’s an app for that” couldn’t be more true with this latest edition to the mobile arena.  It’s called the Bellabeat, and it’s a fetal tracking app and connected system that allows pregnant women to monitor their pregnancies, listen to their growing babies’ heartbeats and even share the sounds with friends. Bellabeat’s free Android or iTunes [...]

UbiSlate 7Ci Tablet with a $38 Pricetag! (video)

UbiSlate 7Ci Tablet

It’s no secret that the tablet market is not just exploding, but rather, it has literally taken over the laptop market in sales revenue and sold unit.  The company Datawind is looking to undercut everyone, and get a slice of this enormous pie with their latest UbiSlate 7Ci, also known as the “world’s cheapest tablet.” [...]

Cutting the Cord – Americans are Trading in their Cable Service for Online Streaming (Infographic)

Cutting the Cord 2

A recent survey by Morgan Stanley found that 1 in 10 pay-TV subscribers say they will definitely ‘cut the cord’ this year. Cutting the cable cord is a growing trend as more Americans are getting fed up with high cable or satellite subscription packages, and they’re turning to online streaming services, set-top boxes, and over-the-air antennas to [...]

Grace Digital Mini-Bullets II

Grace Digital Mini-Bullets II

Grace Digital’s latest Mini-Bullets II 900 MHz Wireless Speaker System is a water-resistant indoor/outdoor speaker kit, each box having its own wireless receiver built inside, as well as a battery compartment that takes AA batteries, (in addition to its AC power option.)  A vertical strip containing touch controls runs down one side on each speaker. [...]

Brickhouse Security Black Box Pro HD- Your Personal Household Spy (video)

Brick House Security Black Box Pro HD

Surveillance experts BrickHouse Security recently came out with a line of high-def hidden cameras called Black Box. These puppies are police-grade cameras and affordably priced to boot.  Designed with law enforcement specs, they not only capture superior HD quality video, but they are a breeze to set up and use as well. The Black Box [...]

8 Tech Tools Every Nonprofit Should Use

8 Tech Tools Every Nonprofit Should Use

Give Your Nonprofit a Technological Boost With These Great Tools By Jennifer L. Jacobson, Founder of Jacobson Communication With an estimated 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States alone, nonprofits help with everything from ending local hunger, advocating literacy, and even saving dogs from inhumane conditions in dog mills. Yet for all their diversity, nonprofits [...]

5 Best Apps for Fashionistas

5 Best Apps for Fashionistas 2

The Style Glossy: Blog By Maria Von Losch for The Style Glossy 5 Best Apps — A Stylist’s Picks In today’s world, there is a mobile/tablet app for literally everything — including myriad options for style inspiration. Here are the ones I can’t live without: 1. Instagram As a style blogger, my all-time favorite app [...]

Apple’s iWatch to be Released 3rd Quarter

Apple's iWatch to be Released 3rd Quarter

  For over a year, Apple has long been rumored to be preparing a smartwatch, dubbed “iWatch”, which will focus on health features and place Apple as one of the leaders in this still-emerging wearables category. According to sources, the company plans to finally launch the device sometime in the third quarter of this year, and it’s [...]

Laptops You Can Abuse

Laptops You Can Abuse

The Workbench Life: Tech 5 Rugged Laptops Any DIYer Would Love By Jason Carpenter for The Workbench Life If you lug your laptop around dirty, dusty worksites either on the job or at your home, a typical laptop isn’t going to cut it. Luckily, there a number of laptops out there designed with the DIYer [...]

9 Tips for Saving Energy

9 Tips for Saving Energy

The Workbench Life: Tech 9 Tips for Saving Energy By Judy Polan for The Workbench Life I admit it — I dread the arrival of those chirpy newsletters from my electric company, advising me how to save money by doing a few simple things to reduce energy consumption in my home. A disconcerting feature was [...]

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball (videos)

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball

You could say that over time, the game of basketball has become an exact science. Coaches have disciplined ways to teach you how to shoot, how to dribble, how to see the whole court and how to create a play.  A well executed shot, for example, requires a certain type of release, spin and arc. [...]

Ritmo Mundo Quantum II Watch (video)

Ritmo Mundo Quantum II

Ritmo Mundo, fine makers of luxury watches, is making a resurgence in the modern watch category, with their latest Quantum watch collection.  Started by Ali Soltani, (owner of David Orgell watch retailer), Ritmo Mundo has been making quartz, mechanical, fashion and custom design watches for years, always attempting to appeal to various demographics and watch consumers. [...]

Understanding Cloud Storage

Understanding Cloud Storage

The Workbench Life: Tech Understanding Cloud Storage By Lauren Caster for The Workbench Life First came floppy discs, and then CDs. External hard drives and thumb drives are still quite popular, but one of the most recent and foolproof methods of digital file storage is something called “the cloud.” It may sound mystical, but it’s [...]

Verizon HTC One Max (video)

HTC One Max

  With the new Verizon One Max, HTC officially has the largest phone we’ve reviewed in the history of smartphones.  This thing is mammoth…..really almost too big and heavy for convenient use.  It’s equipped with an impressive 5.9-inch display that’s super sharp, colorful and bright, and it’s the first phone to incorporate fingerprint scanning. Big [...]

MTM Silencer Special OPS Wristwatch (video)

MTM Silencer

  The latest Military Silencer watch by MTM is not your run-of-the-mill high-tech timepiece.  This is a hefty piece of hardware, solidly built to withstand a hit from a Mack truck, and it has some very cool features. Not only is it “weighty”, but it’s thickness, measuring in at 15.4mm, makes this titanium-built watch stand [...]

Etymotic ETY Kids 5 Earphones Protects Small Ears (video)

Etymotic ETY Kids 5 Earphones 2

The ETY Kids 5 Earphones by Etymotic are suitable for kids ages 4 and up, and essentially they limit the volume output from sound sources to safe listening levels.  With all of the noise bombardment kids experience with video games, phones and such,  the new ETY Kids 5 may be a very appropriate solution for parents and [...]

How to Connect Your TV to the Internet

How to Connect Your TV to the Internet

The Workbench Life: Tech How to Connect Your TV to the Internet By Christian Vandervort for The Workbench Life Streaming Internet TV has quickly become the first choice for those frustrated with the high price of cable and satellite services. Though traditional television providers still have a lock on live sporting events and many first-run [...]

Choosing a Smart Home System

Choosing a Smart Home System

The Workbench Life: Tech Choosing a Smart Home System By Jason Carpenter for The Workbench Life Imagine hitting a button on your phone while driving home after a long, hot day at work and returning to an icy-cool abode complete with mood lighting and your favorite show just starting on the TV. With today’s smart [...]

5 Best Fitness Apps

5 Best Fitness Apps

By Caitlin Boyle for Discover and Play The power to stay motivated is right in the palm of your hand. These five fitness apps will analyze your progress, show you proper form, challenge you to try new workouts, and even make you money! Nike Training Club (for iPhone and Android): The Nike Training Club app functions [...]

SmartMio Wearable Muscle Stimulator (video)


SmartMio is the world’s first wearable and connected sports muscle stimulator that provides on-the-go workouts, which seamlessly integrate into whatever training program that you’re already doing.  SmartMio targets significant muscle strength and endurance gains in just 6-8 weeks, according to the company. SmartMio is currently an Indiegogo campaign.  The product uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) that copies what [...]

LG “G” Watch


LG just announced the upcoming G Watch as part of its line of smart devices, and it’s designed to sync with pretty much anything that runs Android.  Additionally, the G Watch was built with Google’s help and LG describes it as an opportunity to “pull out all the stops” in engineering and design.  Google is going [...]

Moto 360 Smartwatch

Moto 360 Smartwatch

With the announcement of Google’s Android Wear, an operating system designed for smartwatches, many manufacturers are gearing up for their offerings, including HTC, LG and Motorola.   Specifically, Motorola has just announced its upcoming smartwatch, the Moto 360, the most sleek and elegant smartwatch around. The Moto 360 will come with a traditional round face and [...]

Gun Box- High Tech Fire Arms Storage With Fingerprint Sensor and GPS (video)

Gun Box

Meet the Gun Box, a new product on the market that marries a heavy-duty gun safe with electronic sophistication.  Once a gun is placed inside, you can unlock the aircraft-grade die-cast-aluminum-alloy Gun Box, either with a fingerprint scan or an RFID-equipped ring/bracelet, or a combination of both. The Gun Box, designed with a tensile strength [...]

TEGO Audio CERA Portable Speaker (video)

TEGO Audio CERA Portable Speaker

We’ve said it time and time again. While portable bluetooth speakers are convenient, they lack the power and sound quality to really matter in the “sound-filling” marketplace.  The new TEGO CERA wireless speaker kind of prove this theory wrong.  It has a unique construction that enhances the sound output, and this generates music that somewhat [...]

Motorola S11-HD Headphones available at Verizon (video)

Motorola S11-HD

If you’re a fan of the tunes while working out, you’re going to love Motorola’s latest sweat-proof S11-HD headphones, which is a band style earphone.  Design-wise, the Motorola S11-HD, available at Verizon, has a  power button, notification light, mic, a volume rocker and microUSB port  (for charging) on the right side, and a call/music control button [...]

Magellan Echo Smart Sports Watch (video)

Echo Runner's Smartwatch

  While smartwatches are on a rampage, the new technologies driving the rise of this category are becoming quite impressive. Magellan’s latest offering, the Echo Smart Sports Watch, is a bit of a twist on the breadth of products we’re seeing, with it’s ability to stream sports performance statistics from your smartphone fitness application to [...]