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Deeper Smart Fishfinder uses sonar

Deeper Smart Fishfinder Review

With the Deeper Smart Fishfinder, you simply use a standard rod and line to lower the Deeper Smart Fishfinder into the water, and the device automatically powers on when it makes contact with water, and the battery will last for six-hours underwater.

Arccos Golf Tracker screws on club ends

Arccos Golf Tracker Review

If you’re under some illusion that the game of golf is anything other than a statistical nightmare, you should pick a different sport. Golf has so many variables and needs so many tweaks to so many different swings. This makes this particular sport a perfect candidate for serious data analysis, and Arccos Golf ($399) believes they have the perfect product to do so.

OMSignal Biometric Shirt has built-in sensor

OMSignal Biometric Shirt- Nix the Band

The new generation of wearable tech for fitness is here, and it’s not a watch, bracelet, necklace or foot sensor. It’s a SHIRT! Who woulda thunk it. It’s called the OMSignal biometric shirt, and it’s comprised of a compression top with sensors spread throughout the garment, collecting tons of fitness data with super-sharp accuracy.

Hannspree Micro PC has intel i5

Hannspree Micro PC Stick

As PC prices continue to become extremely more affordable, we begin to see why that is possible. With varying power, speed, configuration (tower, AIO, tablet) and memory options, you can literally grab a low-end laptop these days for under $100. For those who want something considerably smaller, Hannspree has announced a Chromecast-esq PC stick, dubbed the world’s smallest PC, and called the Hannspree Micro PC Stick.

Philips Brilliance Dual Monitor has 2 19 inch monitors

Philips Brilliance Dual Monitor

Day traders use them. So do designers and computer programmers. It’s the dual monitor set-up, and if you’ve ever seen one on a desk, you know they look totally sharp. Those that need extra screen real estate usually buy a couple of monitors, and setup can be a little tricky. However, Philips has made it easy by putting two monitors on one monitor stand.

Canon XC10 is hybrid camera

Canon XC10 Films in 4K

Canon’s new XC10 is something to get excited about. It has a very distinctive, professional design…something you’d see on the set of a movie production. The XC10 can shoot 4K and 1080p video at up to 30 fps and 60 fps, respectively

Victorinox may be coming up with smartwatch

Victorinox Working on Something “Smart”

Victorinox, the company that invented the Swiss Army knife, is working on some sort of smartwatch. CEO Carl Elsener has revealed that the company will enter the wearable technology space at some point in 2016. This won’t be just another Android Wear device. Instead, Elsener describes it as something approaching a smartwatch.

Jamstik+ is portable

Jamstik+ Smart Guitar

Jamstik is a portable guitar controller for Mac and iOS, which feels and sounds like the real deal. Now the company Zivix just announced through Kickstarter the new Jamstik+, successor to the original Jamstik, which sports a few significant improvements.

Noke U-lock has bluetooth

Noke U-Lock iPhone Bike Lock

Noke takes the standard U-lock bicycle lock, used by millions for years against would-be bike thieves, and ramps it up with twenty-first century technology, essentially smartening it up with modern smartphone connectivity. The company calls it the Noke U-lock.

Nikon J5

Nikon J5, 4K Entry

Today, it is introducing the Nikon J5, a compact, yet powerful camera that’s part of its 1 series of mirrorless hardware. The J5 comes with a brand-new 20.8-megapixel, VFI CMOS sensor, an XP5A image processor, ISO range of 1600 to 12,800 and support for NFC and WiFi.

Kvart & Bolge Speakers are tiny but powerful

Kvart & Bolge Sound Sommelier Tower Speakers

The latest Kvart & Bolge Sound Sommelier tower speakers are unique to say the least. At around 32″ tall and 4″ wide, they are void of any woofer or tweeter, and instead rely on a single 3-inch Tymphany neodymium full-range driver for bass, midrange and treble frequencies.

Krups KM7000 has built-in grinder

Krups KM7000 Review

The Krups KM7000 Pro Grinder and Brewer is a 10 cup coffee maker designed for the home, and brews coffee like a barista. With a built in grinder to grind those gourmet beans and a design that would suit any modern kitchen, the Krups KM7000 is a beast of a machine for any coffee lover, and one that won’t break the bank.

Soup3rb heats and blends

Soup3rb Blender- Purees & Heats

Soup3rb blender also has an 800-watt heating element in the bottom that can be activated before you start blending. Need to melt, warm or soften something? Flick a switch, add the ingredient, and start blending.

WonderCube has 8 tools

WonderCube 8-in-1 Mobile Toolbox

Introducing WonderCube, a tiny, one-inch cube that provides 8 mobile essentials in one tiny package. In fact, it’s so compact, you can barely feel it in your pocket, and putting it on a key-chain is not cumbersome at all.