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Ruark MR1 sound deep and awesome

Ruark MR1 Speakers

If you mention Bluetooth speakers, you usually think of something portable, compact and void of any superior sound quality. At least that was the case a […]

GoPro Hero 4 Session is tiny

GoPro Hero 4 Session

The GoPro line went from novelty to a behemoth in the action cam industry. In fact, one could say it is the primo authority in this category. The GoPro offers the best in technology when it comes to slow-motion, high-resolution video, action-cam video and 1080p video, all in a discreet, affordable and very durable tiny unit. Having said that, fans of the company have made it well known that a stripped-down, even more portable GoPro would be a huge edition to GoPro’s offerings. Enter the Hero 4 Session.

Valentine One Radar Detector

Valentine One Radar Detector

When driving, everyone wants to avoid speeding tickets, especially since the fuzz can ding you for well over $400 for a simple speeding infraction. Dubbed “the last radar detector that you would ever need to buy”, the Valentine One is no joke. In fact, even though it was introduced a long while back, it still stands to be the best detector on the market, and for good reason.

Linka Smart Bike Lock is simple

Linka Smart Bike Lock

Seems like new start-ups are really getting on the bike lock bandwagon, although the Linka Smart Bike Lock is something a little different…a little better. According to Linka, most stolen bikes are simply ridden away, but with the Linka, the device locks the wheel to the frame so that the bike can’t be ridden at all!

Lily Drone Camera is a good camera

Lily Drone Camera

The Lily Drone Camera is a little different, a sort of back-to-basics drone device. The Lily is as much of a camera as it is a drone quadcopter. Its resolution is a bit lower than what you see with bigger drones, but you still get 1080, 60fps video when you want it, and 12MP photos on demand, with image stabilization and other cool features.

June Intelligent Oven is smart

June Intelligent Oven

The June intelligent oven is a full-service, albeit small, smart oven, outfitted with sensors and programming that allows you to control every part of the cooking process, including just about every type of heating imaginable. The June is large enough to cook a 12-pound turkey, but small enough to fit in a corner. Additionally, it takes all of the guesswork out of cooking just about anything.

Moky Keyboard adds touch

Moky Keyboard – Keys and Touch

Believe me I’ve tried. Turning that tablet into your laptop leaves a lot to be desired. You miss valuable functions and features by trying to do so, especially input devices, and additionally, you wind up carrying a lot more accessories than you wanted to — bluetooth gadgets, keyboard, mouse, touchpad, usb port — which kind of defeats the purpose of mobility and gadget consolidation. The new Moky keyboard keeps things simple, usable and smart-looking by making a keyboard your touchpad with just one push of a button.

MaxiClimber is rock climbing

MaxiClimber- The Mother of Burst Training

Enter MaxiClimber, a piece of equipment that literally imitates rock climbing. Why rock climbing? Because this sport can tone every inch of your body, gives you a great aerobic workout, and expends a lot of calories in minimal time. MaxiClimber is a vertical climbing machine that is capable of mimicking a climb up a very steep mountain or a very tall wall. This particular activity burns a lot of fat quickly, sometimes in as little as 10-minutes.

Flir FX is wireless

Flir FX Review

Makers of the Flir Thermal Camera for smartphones, the company has just announced it’s new Flir FX, a wireless home monitoring camera that can double as an action cam, much like the GoPro. The Flir FX also works as an outdoor security system or a dash cam for your car, all depending on the available cases the camera can be inserted to, which provides the appropriate camera application. The thought behind the Flir FX is essentially one camera that can be housed in various cases to perform different uses.

Philips Fidelio NC1 are premium headphones

Philips Fidelio NC1 review

The recently announced Philips Fidelio NC1 are part of Philip’s premium range of noise-cancelling headphones, and designed with comfort, portability and some serious stylistic pizzazz. The NC1s are similar in shape and size to their brother, the Fidelio M1, and provide ample room to cover your entire ear, but not so big as to look clunky. They’re great for commutes, and offer the latest in noise- cancelling technology.

Nano HiFi NH1 Speaker is a boombox

Nano HiFi NH1 Speaker

Nano Hifi just released a very colorful line of speakers, dubbed the NH1. Sort of an all-in-one music festival, and reminiscent of the 80s boombox, the Nano HiFi NH1 Speaker sounds like a beast, with clean trebles and rich base, and its design will compliment any home.

FoneSalesman QiStone+ is wireless

FoneSalesman QiStone Plus Review

Let’s face it, external batteries and powerbanks aren’t the most glamorous of mobile accessories. But don’t tell FoneSalesman that, the company that makes the new and beautiful QiStone+ Wireless charger. This pebble-shaped mobile charger not only looks like a beautiful stone you’d find at the bottom of a running brook, but it sports the latest in Qi wireless charging technology as well.

Netbright Networked Wireless Lighting System ride on your network

NetBright Networked Lighting

NetBright Technologies just introduced a line of networked wireless lighting products, which use radio frequency connectivity to link multiple spotlights on one network for LED outdoor lighting, and offer a killer security solution for homes and commercial buildings.

Myo Armband is gesture control

Myo Armband Review

Waterloo-based startup Thalmic Labs is attempting to alter the way we interact with our everyday computing devices with their latest Myo armband, a gesture control device that fits around your forearm and detects slight muscle movements, such as arm rotations and even electrical impulses as you gesture, and computing and translating all that information into real-time input or digital action on the device with which you’ve paired it.

Qi is wireless

Welcome to the Age of Qi and Wireless Smartphone Charging

One of the most talked about topics at this year’s MWC was wireless smartphone charging, and its projected impact on smartphone design and sales. Now, wireless chargers have been around for a while, but the technology has only recently become reliable enough to go mainstream, and we are just beginning to see smartphone models with built in wireless charging capabilities.