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online gambling sees economic benefits

The Economic Benefits of Online Gambling, Who Knew?

While many proponents scoff at the idea that online gambling and online casinos does nothing but harm communities and foster individual gambling addictions, if we look at it from an economic standpoint, you’d be surprised at the benefits the practice can generate. When we talk about online gambling, generally speaking, we’re including vegas-style card games, slots and even internet sports gambling, and for the economy, it happens to be a good thing.

Nuvo P200

NuVo P200 Wireless Player Review

NuVo’s new flagship wireless audio player, the P200, brings you streaming audio anywhere in your home to multiple rooms simultaneously. The P200, which lists for a whopping $599, is a wireless stereo amplifier and media hub, which supports dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi and MIMO. It is also capable of transmitting up to 16 simultaneous streams at 600Kbps each. Finally, because it’s an amplifier, you can hook up any pair of passive speakers that will sound exceptional.

Quirky Pickup Power combines powerstrip and power bank

Quirky Pickup Power- Power Strip with Power Bank

Quirky’s Pickup Power is unique in that, in addition to it being a full-fledged standard power strip with three AC outlets, it also contains a portable battery (power bank) that resides in the power strip, fully charged so you can charge your smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and more on-the-go.

Amp Sound booster for iPhone, speaker

Amp Phone Speaker Boosts Your iPhone’s Audio

While smartphones have speaker sound, the quality of that sound leaves a lot to be desired. A lot of this has to do with the size of the device, and the fact that speakers and microphones have to be crammed in there somehow, so they have to be tiny. Tiny drivers means tiny sound, but some people see it otherwise, namely the company that makes the Amp case.

Tado Thermostats

Tado Smart Thermostat Preview

Smart Thermostats are becoming increasingly popular, especially with the advent of the Nest product, and plenty of companies make smart thermostats to control your home’s heating, but what if your air conditioner isn’t part of the same system? Tado, which already produces Nest-like smart thermostats for heating systems in Europe called Tado Heating (£ 249), has introduced Tado Cooling (£99), a device and app that connects to your home’s AC unit over infrared, and lets you control the temperature while out and about from your smartphone.


Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine

The Minipresso is a self-contained, non-electrical espresso set with a very simple design and simple operation. You simply take the cup off the top of the system, and then remove one end and insert your coffee, whether that be a K-cup or your actual ground coffee.

Relonch Camera

Relonch Camera turns iPhone into Super Camera

The Relonch Camera is for those iPhone users who have limited ability to take great camera shots with their device, and it’s super-easy to use. Just insert your iPhone into the camera and start snapping. It’s gentle and safe for you iPhone and nothing will harm it since it acts like a case.

Roam Ropes

Roam Ropes Earbuds

The company Roam has come out with an ingenious new twist on earbuds with their new product, Ropes. Ropes are connected on wires that more closely resemble a rope necklace, and they hang around your neck instead of off your mobile device.

wink relay

WINK Relay- Smart Home Controller

Wink just created Relay to control virtually your entire home, such as lightbulbs and thermostats. Wink itself is an app that’s been around for a little bit, and essentially puts all your home automation tools in one place — locks, lights, heat, air, etc. — on one control panel on your phone. What has been missing is a control panel on your wall. That’s where Relay comes in.

Deep Smart Sonar Fishfinder 2

Deeper Smart Sonar Fishfinder

The new Deeper Smart Sonar Fishfinder works with your smartphone or tablet, and it’ll show info about not only where the fish are, but also the pond bed, water temperature and any rough water terrain and obstacles in your boat’s way. It displays this info on your device’s screen, making it very helpful to catch a boatload of fish.


Viatek ‘Pocket Jump’ Charges Dead Phones and Car Batteries

A new Kickstarter product just emerged called Pocket Jump, from a company called Viatek. Essentially, the Power Jump is an emergency vehicle jump-starter and portable power bank, which allows you to charge a dead car battery and re-charge smart phones, tablets and other small electronics, all from a pocket-sized, re-usable device.

NuVo P100 Media Player 4

NuVo P100 Wireless Player

The NuVo P100 Wireless Player is the entry-level version to the company’s P200 Wireless Player, and like it’s big brother, the P100 is a combination stereo amplifier and wireless media hub for music playback, with support for MIMO and dual-band Wi-Fi. The P100 is suited more for smaller rooms, where as the P200 is dedicated for larger areas.