Microsoft Surface Pro Review

The second installment of Microsoft’s new hybrid computer, between a tablet and a laptop, hit shelves last weekend. It is still amazing to think that this is only Microsoft’s second computer they have ever made, primarily focusing on software rather than hardware. The Surface Pro is a 10.6 inch touch screen with an optional Snap-On keyboard ($130). It features an Intel processor that is found in many laptops. It also has a USB port, kickstand to keep it upright, and pen that allows you to write on the screen. It weighs in at 2 pounds, which is light for a laptop but heavy for a tablet. Its screen resolution has improved significantly from the previous model.

It includes Windows 8, which takes up most of the 64-GB storage, but Microsoft Office is extra. In regards to battery life, it lags behind other tablets with an average of 5 hours. Its base model starts at $899 which makes its price point in the top category of tablets. Microsoft has really beefed up their marketing campaigns for the Surface Pro. They want to become a dominant factor in the up and coming tablet market.

Essentially Microsoft wants you to think that this is a laptop which just happens to be as easy to use a tablet. You can access the Microsoft app store and take care of your excel spreadsheets from the same place. However the cool feature of a snap on keyboard is only useful on flat surfaces and can’t be used on your lap, which kind of raises an eyebrow when comparing to other laptops. As with any tablet, it alleviates you from carrying around your laptop. Remember it is only a tablet; don’t assume it will work the same wonders that your laptop does. Over time tablets will have greater functionality and soon erase laptops all-together but for now they are not there yet.

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