Belkin iPad Mini Keyboard Case Promises 155-hours of Typing

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Let`s reveal this good news that will make every iPad mini user happy especially those who use it mainly for work purposes. Lately, Belkin has just hit the market with its new Portable Keyboard Case. The new keyboard case enjoys several features.  It’s lightweight, slim, and the best, has a removable Bluetooth keyboard.

For iPad mini, Belkin Portable Keyboard Case is an innovative solution for reducing common typing mistakes on tablets. The case has well-spaced keys and can be simply connected via Bluetooth®. In addition, Belkin has developed the case with better audio and video control shortcut keys. Also designers are very cautious about wear and tear, therefore the company proudly announces that the Belkin Portable Keyboard Case has a smooth inner lining to protect against everyday tear and wear. And users will be happier when know it is easy to pack away and go. It is a folded type keyboard that can be folded flat into the case.

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