Kindle Paperwhite

THE KİNDLE Paperwhite

With its built-in light and amazing touch screen, the Kindle Paperwhite is likely to end up at the top of the  e-reader pack.  The Kindle Paperwhite might look like 2011’s Kindle Touch until you turn it on. One of the key differences  between Kindle Touch and Kindle Whitepaper is its integrated light, which has long been waited by many Kindle devotees. Plus the Whitepaper has not only a built-in light but also a built-in dictionary.

Employing its numerous features, you can highlight sentences and passages, add notations, and share quotes on Twitter and Facebook. You can also translate passages between various languages.  All these features can be used and accessed in an easier way thanks to the touch screen and virtual keyboard of the Kindle Paperwhite. Its screen is a higher-resolution 1,024×768-pixel display with 212 pixels per inch that allows text and images to be rendered more crisply. Images also appear more detailed, thanks to its thinner bezel in comparison with The Touch.  The small shadow casted by the raised bezel is reduced considerably.

All these plus factors put The Kindle Paperwhite one step ahead of its rivals in the race of e-readers.





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