Samsung launches the new version of Galaxy S3

Samsung launches the new version of  Galaxy  S3.  The junior S3  has  taken  its  place  in technology stores after  Samsung, the technology  giant, launched the new version of its high-tech phone  Galaxy   S3. It  comes   to market almost  six  months  after introduction of its big brother Galaxy S3.   The S3 mini runs on Jeally Bean, the  latest  Android operating  system of Google, just like its big brother.

It has a 4-inches screen, shorter than  Galaxy S3  by  0.8 -inches.  While it retains some features of the larger model,  it  also sacrifices some parts of its  features such as processing power and screen clarity. Smaller but a little bit thicker, the S3 mini  has  two  cameras, one  on  the  front and one on the rear.  No details on pricing or availability, but it shouldn’t be long before we receive some definitive details.

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