Next iPhone to have 3.95-inch Upgraded Retina Display



According to recent reports, Apple’s next-generation iPhone will feature an upgraded high-definition Retina display.  Apparently Apple is still testing multiple potential designs for the next-generation iPhone, specifically evaluating several new iPhone models enclosed in locked shells, and at least one of these potential new iPhones includes an upgraded 640 x 1,136-pixel Retina display that measures 3.95 inches diagonally.

With an aspect ratio of close to 16:9, the new Retina display is said to be the same width as the current model but taller, and Apple is reportedly toying with adding a fifth row of icons to the home screen in a version of iOS 6 that could be exclusive to the new iPhone in order to take advantage of the new display real estate.

Beyond potentially posing issues for app developers, these reports are also contradictory to earlier stories stating that Apple has already placed orders with its suppliers for new display panels that will be included in the next iPhone. If Apple is still testing different displays, panel orders could not yet have been placed.

The completely redesigned iPhone will launch this fall with a new antenna system and an aluminum case.

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