Nook Color 2 coming this month (video)



The successor to the Barnes & Noble Nook Color will launch this month, according to gadget news

Looking for an Android-based tablet, but don’t want to spend the money on a Motorola Xoom or Galaxy S Tab?  Then you might want to check out the Barnes & Noble Nook Color 2.

While it’s positioned as an eReader, the device itself actually works pretty damn well as a mid-range tablet device. With that in mind, it should be pretty exciting to some of you out there to hear news that B&N could be getting ready to launch the newest member of the NOOK Color family, and as soon as this month.

The successor to the Barnes & Noble [amazon_link id=”1400532655″ target=”_blank” ]Nook Color[/amazon_link] will launch this month, according to gadget news. There is no mention if the Nook Color 2 will run Android, as the original did, although it’s a pretty safe bet that Barnes & Noble’s new gadget will be installing the more tablet-friendly Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) operating system this time around instead of a the Froyo build, which was designed for use on smartphones.

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Inventec and Pegatron will assemble the new gadgets, and supply as many as 2-3 million devices by the end of this year, the report says. TPK Holding will provide the 7-inch color touchscreen panels. Reports also said that the Nook Color 2 E Ink will supply “e-paper backplanes,” which suggests there will be a new E Ink component to the Nook Color 2, although it is unclear what its role will be at this point. Barnes & Noble most recently released its “All New Nook,” a gray-scale device that was one of the best eReaders ever put to market. The Nook Color 2 could face stiff competition from Amazon’s new Android-powered tablet, which is also expected to launch this fall.

Reports also suggest that the new NOOK Color 2 would keep the original’s 7-inch display.  We’ll have to keep our eyes out for this one, but if Barnes & Noble is indeed getting ready to launch the NOOK Color 2 in September, then we should be seeing some clues to the new device’s specifications, as well as a release date, pretty soon.

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